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The Affordable Scottsdale Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Have you been looking for kitchen cabinet painters who will treat your project like they were working in their own home? That's our approach to every project we take on. We have two jobs: to make your cabinets look like new, and save you so much money that you'll want to tell all your neighbors and friends about us.

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Cabinet Painting Services

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is one of the most cost effective way to increase the value of your home. It doesn't take long, and costs a fraction of installing new cabinets.

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You hear it all the time, "we offer you quality service at a great price." Everyone says they're committed to providing the best service, but what does that mean? To us it means that we will treat your home and cabinets like they are our own. You will be impressed with the level of care and professionalism in every step of our cabinet painting process.

Expert Cabinet Painting Service

Here's the secret of our busisess: when you love how your kitchen cabinets look, you're going to show them off, people will ask who did them for you, and when you recommend us, we look like the best cabinet painters in town. Does that make us selfish? Either way, you'll absolutely love the feeling of walking into a kitchen that looks and feels brand new.

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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Are you considering refinishing your kitchen cabinets? There are a few vital steps you should consider in order to have a well-planned project that makes your kitchen look great. First of all, you will need to decide on the colors that will complient not only the room but the rest of the house. There are plenty of options you can take; they include varnishing your cabinets, painting or staining them. Basically the choice depends solely on what look you wish your kitchen to display. But you should choose wisely as not all stains work perfectly fine for your wood. For instance, a light fine finish can never blend well with dark mahogany wood.

If hiring a painting contractor is not your goal and you're considering doing the project yourself, the next thing you should do is gather all the materials required for your kitchen cabinet refurbishment. When you have determined the type of refinishing to be done then you can start collecting the appropriate materials such as the paint and finishing agent. We also recommend that use sandpaper, primer, degreaser, tack cloth, and some good quality paintbrushes. This is not the time for sponges or rollers. Then you can unfix the cabinets. If you are only refinishing the fronts then bring them down by easily unscrewing the screws and removing the hinges.

Once your materials are set, bring the cabinet fronts to your garage for your kitchen cabinet refinishing task. Take note that the area should not be too dusty to avoid dust sticking on the surfaces when drying. Then clean the cabinets as normally they would be covered with grime and grease. All these should be removed before you begin finishing them. A good degreaser should be very helpful. Also, scrub hard to clean any previous layers of varnish or paint. Oil paint is alright to be used over latex but vice versa could cause peeling. Therefore, if you wish to use latex you will need to completely remove the original oil paint. You can seek advice from the paint dealer regarding the suitable chemical product to remove the old finish.

Another aspect to take note for your kitchen cabinet refurbishment is the sanding. Sanding is important to smooth the cabinets. Always remember to use medium grade sandpaper and sand the cabinets evenly. Ensure that your cabinets have a clean and smooth surface before proceeding to the painting step. The key of sanding is to sand before painting and sand again after you are done with the finishing.

Refinished kitchen cabinets

Thinking of Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets?

The kitchen is a busy hub in many homes. The look and feel of the kitchen is greatly affected by the appearance of the cabinets. If you're thinking about a complete makeover of your kitchen and rearranging the layout, then you will probably want to go with new cabinets. Another route that you may want to consider are the options available to revitalize and transform your kitchen with a more economical approach. I would like to offer some suggestions for you to consider before making this very important decision.

Tearing out and replacing cabinets will be expensive, but sometimes it's the best way to go if you're going to change the layout for instance or if you want to go with a completely different cabinet material for a desired look. An example of this would be that you have wooden cabinets and you would rather have metal cabinet theme to match a more modern theme. What ever the reason might be, if you do decide to replace your cabinets, there are at least a couple of ways to go. The most expensive will be to have your cabinets custom-built by a reputable cabinet shop. This route will give the most flexible options as far different colors, textures, hardware, personal design preferences, and of course materials. Another option that can produce satisfactory results, if you're not too concerned about custom designing input, but rather trend styles, designs, and industry standards in cabinetry, is the pre-manufactured type. You can find these at most building supply retailers, especially the big chain retailers. You will have a pretty good variety of cabinet styles and hardware that can be installed by the retailer usually much quicker than having the cabinets custom-built and installed, plus the cost is significantly less.

Repainting the Kitchen Cabinets

If you don't absolutely have to have new cabinets, a cabinet facelift can do wonders to make a drastic change to the appearance of your kitchen. Some of the ways this can be achieved is by refacing or painting. Refacing can be as simple as replacing existing doors and hardware, or applying veneer to the cabinets and then replacing the doors and hardware. For instance, if your kitchen appears dark and/or small, light-colored or glass doors can give your kitchen a more open feel and appearance. If you don't like the notion of the cabinet contents being exposed by glass, there is the option of frosted glass. Refacing can save a substantial amount of money and completely change the appearance of your cabinets.

Painting is another way to drastically change the appearance of your cabinets and is probably more cost-effective than refacing. A good oil based paint will cure faster and be harder than the more user-friendly latex paint. But the trick is to prepare the project adequately and apply several thin quality coats, instead of one or two thick coats. A good paint job and replacing the hardware will do wonders in giving your kitchen an exciting new look.

In making your final decision, I would suggest that you look at pictures, showrooms, and even other kitchens and weigh all the options. Installing new cabinets will be the most costly, whether you go with custom or pre-made. Sometimes you can get a new kitchen feel by doing a facelift that will revitalize your kitchen and save a lot of money and time.